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Cybergirls was created by Armorbeast

St Justina is a parochial school created for the stated purpose of taking in unwanted and wayward girls to rehabilitate and prepare them to become productive members of society. In truth, it was a facade created by a self-styled Anti-Christ known as Cardinal Syn and its true purpose was to take in societies castaways to brainwash them into sleeper agents . The Cult of Alàstores were self-styled avengers of Lucifer and "The Chosen" to unleash Hell on Earth. Many of these "sleeper" agents would be completely unaware of their programming but well-compensated to better serve Cardinal Syn's purposes.

The Head Mistress of St. Justina is a woman named María Magdalena de la Hoya (aka Mother Magdalena, La Reina Roja/The Red Queen) who sought Ultrahuman children because they made better soldiers in their cause. Other than this, the children lived relatively normal lives that included cross-country trips in the care of Sister Catalina Inés Bardales (aka Sister Agnes). She drove a bus from New Jersey to California accompanied by at least three other Sisters to help maintain order over up to thirty-five girls. During one such journey, a fight among the girls caused Sister Agnes to lose her bearings and to become lost.

Knowing only that she was in Colorado, Sister Agnes took an unfamiliar shortcut where she found herself traveling up an unknown mountain path. As yet another fight broke out, one of the girls was thrown backward into Sister Agnes causing her to lose control over the bus and sending them tumbling down the mountainside. The bus exploded on the way down and bodies were tossed about everywhere with some being trapped inside the burning remains of the bus. There was no one around for miles and the only ones who even possibly knew about the road were the park rangers who used it to service the tower at its top.

Their benefactor was an unseen man called Mastermind (aka Father), a genius who had made his living selling his services to the highest bidder while being oblivious to the consequences. Mastermind would not remain thus forever and sought atonement for the wrongs he had wrought upon the Earth... and now, it had come to him with this tragedy! Using his almost godlike dedication to science and technology, Mastermind not only saved the girls but resurrected them from death. His main failing in life is that he can be insensitive to others and pragmatic whereas his wife Mother was more gregarious and altruistic.

They would be released from containment one by one each being aware of what had happened to them and even helping to design their new bodies. They would be presented to a military veteran called Artisan who had taken an oath against killing which he hoped to impart upon the girls. Their purpose was to send a message by breaking bones and maiming their opponents because killing them would be too easy. Yet, Artisan was training them in tactical combat methods that included killing because "some people just needed killing" and they had to be prepared for that eventuality.

Their first missions were solo affairs to test their abilities with backup always within reach should they need assistance. Such missions against ordinary criminals made them into a team capable of taking on greater challenges. While their initial targets were street gangs, they began going after terrorists, paramilitary groups, subversive organizations, and Ultrahumans, especially as they progressed. Becoming a more effective strike force, they would undergo further augmentation that included genetics, cybernetics, synthetics, bio-synthetics, cerebral implants, and other surgical procedures.

Operation Brooklyn Heights

Calling themselves Task Force Alpha, they operated out of NYC before their first major appearance in Brooklyn Heights where a group of terrorists had taken over a school with enough explosives to destroy half the city. When city leaders failed to meet terrorist demands, a botched rescue attempt resulted in several deaths and then hostages began pouring through an emergency exit. They revealed that someone else had engaged the terrorists and when the chaos ended, police re-entered the building to find the terrorists either dead or mutilated rendering them ineffective as a threat.

Operation Chicago

Days after the events in Brooklyn Heights, they again made headlines by taking part in a turf war between rival gangs in Chicago. The team of five included a new member as Fury remained in NYC to leave a presence and was replaced by Yūrei (Ghost). City leaders were under the influence of a crimelord named Simon Wesker (aka Pusher) leading to a rise in crime and violence using politics to mask his activities. As gangbangers began turning up mutilated or dead, city news began piecing together that they were the same group that New York media had given the name Cybergirls based on witness descriptions.

Operation Detroit

Another kingpin of crime named Leonard Adeleke (aka Black Leo) drew them into combat with a team of minor league Ultrahumans called Deathwatch in Detroit, Michigan. Two members of the team were left behind in Chicago with Scarlet and Riptide replacing them and Reaper taking over as leader of the team. Deathwatch excelled in armed combat and as police established a barricade around the building, Breaker made an explosive exit dumping Adeleke at the feet of law enforcement saying it wasn't guns that killed people, it was the hands holding the gun that killed people!

Operation Tokyo

Two weeks after the events in Chicago, the Cybergirls were in Tokyo at war with a group of supervillains called Purojekuto Raijū (Project Thunder beast). The Cybergirls had received upgrades and two of their members were back in their containment chambers healing from their encounters. While the Raijū were not killers, they would find themselves fighting greater and more powerful threats like Oda Nobunaga and the Onmaraki who were. The media there called them Saibāgāruzu (Cybergirls Asia; Task Force Delta) and they became immediate fan favorites with the Japanese.

Operation Ontario

Only three of these returned to the Americas retaining their Task Force Alpha identity while a new asian team formed as Task Force Gamma led by a new member called Onna-Musha . They went north into Canada on a rescue mission to recover members of a Canadian strike force called Project Northstar and to take out the Cyberpunx who had all but butchered them. Sister Georgina Payne arrived in time to take out the groups leader Mayhem and reveal her employers as a worldwide Communist organization called Red Dawn who were dedicated to the rebirth of the former Soviet Union.

Operation Edinburgh

Thundra and Hawk were sent to the UK to aid an old friend of Mastermind named Matilda Knight (aka Matrix and Mallt-y-Nos ) with two enormous white hellhounds called Cŵn Annwn . Joined by Union Jill, Wylde and Dragonfire, they formed Task Force Omega (aka Cybergirls Europe) to take down a group of villains calling themselves the Slúagh na marbh (Host of the Dead). The three European members of the team were also members of the superhero group called the Crusaders often leaving Thundra and Hawk to call on others to fill their ranks.

Operation Johannesburg

Task Force Zeta formed when Rock, Crimson and Jet went to South Africa to help a mysterious woman called Scarab who had been rebuilt by Mastermind even before the Cybergirls. She had reformed her criminal ways. Joined with Ákaina (aka Cheetah/Leopard) and Einhorn , they made battle with the menace of the Wildebeest and his Wilde Mannen. The battle won, Task Force Zeta became better known as Cybergirls Africa to cover all of Africa, the Middle East, and India resulting in their division into two groups with the second being Cybergirls India.

Operation Portland

A madman called El Meurte had unleashed an earlier "imperfect" version of X241 in Portland, Oregon with the power to resurrect the dead. Five of the older Cybergirls with the most experience were sent to deal with this because they had infrared visors to tell the dead from the living who were placed into a death-like state by the "infection". Jinn arrived during the battle with special smoke that contained the antidote created by Mastermind to restore the living to their conscious state leaving the reanimated dead for the Cybergirls to destroy. No longer wishing to be called "girls", the five adopted the name Cyberstrike.

The Cybergirls come from a world that cast them aside and where nobody wanted them except for these people who established a genuine "parent/child" relationship with them. Viewing themselves as Transhumans and as pioneers of the future human race, the Cybergirls have no desire to return to their former lives feeling that their purpose is to defend and avenge normal humans from predators. The world views them as Ultrahumans, beings with powers and abilities that average humans don't possess or who possess attributes like power armor making them more than mortal.

While the Steins could be harsh and unforgiving people, they had been broken by this world's struggles and put themselves back together in the only way they could. They had learned to be more caring and alert because the neglect of their own daughter had led to her becoming a mass murderer called Mayhem. Referring to the Steins as Mother and Father is a sign of respect and they, in turn, generally call the "girls" by their real names as they would their own children. Their identities would be tailored to their personalities and abilities making them unique from one another while retaining certain common qualities bonding them together.

Artisan trained the Cybergirls to maim and disable opponents killing only as a last resort. But, the Cybergirls are known as vigilantes for a reason as even if a criminal surrenders without a fight, they might take a finger or leave them with a scar to remind them what could have happened. Surrender is often far better as they are known to hack off limbs, blind, break an opponent's spine, or kill if they must. "Some people just need killing" is the Cybergirl's motto and while the youngest among them are the least likely to kill, they will if the situation calls for it.

They do, however, carry pellets that explode to encase serious injuries in a substance that seals the wound and tranquilizes their opponent so they don't go into shock. Law enforcement generally gives the Cybergirls a bit of distance if they've heard of them because sometimes their mere presence is enough to make criminals surrender to the police for protection. They are also aware that the criminal justice system is broken and it's better to let the vigilantes handle the situation rather than getting themselves killed. While law enforcement will sometimes try to interfere, the Cybergirls carry knockout gas to deal with them.

Some of the Cybergirls remain in containment for extended periods of time due to severe bodily injuries that a simple "tune-up" wouldn't repair. When this happens, another supporting team member takes their place who often operates on solo missions or who plays a less active role. Some of the Cybergirls operate alone either because of an aversion to bloodshed or as bounty hunters and mercenaries for hire. The reason this is allowed is that not everything can be a team activity and the Steins have no problem with this as long as they pursue the criminal element.

There were originally 21 girls on the bus that crashed plus the three nuns entrusted with their care. Since then, there have been fourteen additional members added as the Cybergirls spread internationally and broke down into at least five separate teams. Only one of the team has ever left after a considerable effort was made to restore her organic form as close to being completely human. Alice Cartwright (aka Hawk) was allowed to build a life for herself, to have a family, a child... and then Vendetta found her revealing her secret past almost killing her and resulting in her returning to the Cybergirls.

Then came the pan-dimensional invaders known as the Nexus and the first encounter with the alternate reality-based Empire where Nexus served as a "first strike" recon force followed by shock troops. The Cybergirls united as a single team and held Nexus at bay until more powerful heroes arrived to engage them. The gateways between worlds would be closed and Cybergirls who fell in battle were retrieved by Mastermind to be returned to their containment chambers. They were also joined by a member of Nexus called Stryfe who rebelled against Nexus to aid the Cybergirls and was herself a cybernetic entity.

Many of the Cybergirls have at least minor psychological issues relating to if they are human or machine... and if they are living or reanimated dead. This makes the role of Mother more important because she possesses empathic abilities and training in both psychology and psychiatry. It is "Father" (Mastermind) who addresses their physical needs but, sometimes, an artificial intelligence system called KRONOS that manages these affairs because Mastermind has integrated himself into it. KRONOS runs most of their operations and feeds Fathers growing god complex which Mother is also regularly called upon to deal with.

Central to their operations is a secondary AI called DANA (Dynamic Artificial Network Access) that acts as a communications interface. DANA can manifest as a female hologram monitoring their vitals, enhancing their senses, and providing remote services in conjunction with Sister Grace. She also interfaces with those within containment chambers and is regarded somewhat as a "nanny" system and with KRONOS who considers her his "daughter". Those Cybergirls in containment can come online to assist DANA in her communications with the other Cybergirls adding a human element DANA is lacking.

KRONOS also manages the "cyber-dimension" into which the Cybergirls venture when they are in containment. It provides for their education and entertainment while creating entire worlds tailored to their desires. They can, for instance, live with their families, exist in fantasy worlds, and interact with holographic people who can seem extremely realistic. Because they also enter this cyber-dimension when they sleep, they are also able to enter various dream dimensions and there are dangers hidden within because of this.

There also exist doorways into Wraithworld, an advanced AI gameworld within an alternate reality called Terra Noir. This mirror-world of Earth is far more technically advanced yet is also more retro and it has its own version of the Cybergirls called the Cybercats who include males in their membership. Having created this access point, KRONOS has made itself vulnerable to Wraithworld and Terra Noir to which barriers have been established. The Cybergirl Panthra comes from Terra Noir and is a reflection of Lynx beefed up and far more deadly because on her merciless world, there's little room for pity.

Cybersuits are suits of armor that some of the Cybergirls wear and link into, giving them much greater powers. Generally, these suits are worn by the younger members of the team because their minds are still developing and possess higher levels of psychokinetic abilities. As people get older, most lose these abilities and have to train their minds to regain them on some level. Mech is the most powerful telekinetic in the group using her abilities to create amazing machines and "gadgets" that only work for those with the mental abilities to make them work.

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Sister Deandra Grace awoke to find herself strapped to a table with various machines flying about busily doing their jobs. A hologram called DANA (Dynamic Artificial Network Access) explained to her that she had been modified with cybernetics to rebuild her damaged body. Released from her bonds, her benefactors wanted her for a specific purpose as before her lay a horror show of shattered bodies ripped and burned almost beyond recognition. Held in immersion containment chambers , they were attended by "ARTIES" (as in artificial) but they would need someone familiar to them to aid in their recovery.

The fluids into which the girls were emersed provided all their nutritional needs with various tubes and devices handling the rest. Wearing helmets designed to interface with DANA, the girls found themselves within a new digital world designed to entertain, educate, and prepare them for what destiny had in store for them. Spending much of their time within these containment chambers, Mother and Mastermind would intervene when the more advanced and delicate work was necessary. Otherwise, Sister Grace would be in charge of releasing them one by one when the modification procedures were completed.

Cybernetically rebuilt from the inside out, they began with artificial bone capable of creating its own marrow . This material is called Osteo chondros forming both artificial bone and cartilage in the body. The entire skeletal structure was then sheathed in an almost indestructible lightweight metal called kyrelium requiring further treatments by the nanites to extend the material as they grew. It has a smokey, glass-like appearance that is non-magnetic and its name derives from "millennium metal" (kyr comes from the abbreviation for kiloyear ) because it is believed it will not break or corrode for a thousand years.

Once formed, kyrelium is possibly the most durable adamantine substance on the planet and it is so resistant to damage that it cannot be reverse-engineered to learn how it is made. Organic 3d printers then builds up the muscular system of the body where it was lost while a mix of original, cloned, synthetic, bio-synthetic, and newly invented organs (to serve their cybernetics or as backups) completing their internal structure. The brain is the one thing that makes each of the Cybergirls "human" because it cannot be fully replicated even with advanced future technologies.

The skin is composed from a gel -like material called Synthalin which exists in different densities serving different purposes. Like the internal workings of their bodies, the skin blends seamlessly (on a molecular level) with Synthalin and is designed to mimic all the functions of living skin. This gel is refined further into a tougher material for the skin and for an additional layer to the skull offering greater protection for the brain. Synthalin is designed to absorb concussive force, to repair itself, and to even repair the Cybergirls organics where damaged.

The final stage includes a nanotech bath in a white viscous liquid (similar to latex) called SPS (Siloxane Polymer Skin) that completes the duplication process. Their bodies are better, stronger, and more durable, it is extremely difficult to damage their internal organs and interfere with the bio-synthetic interfaces of their cyber-brains. The Deuterodermis (or DTD; aka liquid cybernetic systems ) is a second-skin created by this process which is mostly cosmetic but serves many additional functions. This additional layer of synthetic skin can be uncomfortable so, for all the added benefits, not all of the Cybergirls utilize it.

The interior of their skulls includes a neural net that acts somewhat like a computer with limited abilities. This is the cyber-brain and it primarily serves as an advanced interface system allowing them to communicate telepathically with their benefactors, DANA and the other Cybergirls. Mimicking some of the functions of the epidermis, its primary design is cosmetic to conceal their true appearance and provide a sense of touch over their cybernetics. This second-skin also coats itself in oils to offer better protection against elements like fire and cold with limited protection against things like radiation and acids.

The Deuterodermis provides a nude look to the skin that can take on any design they wish such as racial characteristics like hair color/length, accents (such as faerie ears), or to be more attractive. DTD can alter the size and shape of their breasts as they desire or alter their gender (with certain difficulties) which has caused the media to wrongly assume some of them are intersex. A key function of the DTD is taking on the design of their skintight costumes acting similar to body paint. It can "breathe" and sweat like real skin, it can slightly alter its shape to appear like clothing and absorbs solar energy for their cybernetics.

Their cyber-brains use the cerebrospinal fluid in their bodies like a second nervous system to project visualizations of what their communications systems are relaying to them. They also project holographic interfaces to access computers, they can control machines that are operated remotely or the weapons and cybernetic systems built into their bodies. Because they are cybernetic, the Cybergirl's bodies need different organs and mechanical processes that aid in their functionality. This "functionality differs from girl to girl, similar to their overall look, and the more artificial they are the more powerful they tend to be.

They have additional backup systems for their biological processes and generate a jelly-like hydrogel to begin the healing process when they are injured. Should their heart be injured or even destroyed, that wouldn't necessitate death as their backup systems would kick in or they would be placed in a hibernating state. When they "bleed", the blood can appear red because it's from their organics, white from their synthetics, or purple from the hydraulic fluids in their cybernetics. Should foreign objects like bullets penetrate their inorganics, their bodies will remove them the way they entered.

A night in a containment chamber to heal and regenerate is often all it takes to recover from physical damage. Most of the Cybergirls have a thin layer of kyrelium exo-plating that is visible where the plates join together (if not concealed by second-skin) and can be removed to access the more vulnerable skin beneath them. Their lungs are specially designed to create oxygen where there is little to none including the vacuum of space and they can even breathe underwater through special filters. Because their bodies are rebuilt from lightweight materials and designed for strength, they can swim with little difficulty.

Exo-plating consists of a Kyrelium mesh allowing greater flexibility as it is added to Cybergirls as exterior protection akin to body armor. It is applied in pieces to preserve its flexibility because the mesh material only flexes so much and if the pieces are too large, mobility is severely restricted. Like second-skin, some of the Cybergirls don't use exo-plating because they also have the ability to generate force fields that can often be unreliably weak. Some would prefer the mechanical look, others would want to look human and then there were those who have exo-plating from head to foot.

Cloning processes are rarely used because mutations and cancers can occur explaining why they have not been fully regenerated. When cloning is used, it undergoes the most stringent screening processes in the lab where new flesh is literally grown until ready for transplantation. This is added to their systems when they are healing in their containment chambers where additional self-healing human flesh is regenerated using a much safer method. Their health and well-being is monitored by their cyber-brains and DANA uses the information to help her manage their complex biology.

Advanced cancer treatments are part of their healthcare and they have a genetically modified organ that creates rejection inhibitors to safeguard their organics. The appendix has been genetically modified to preserve good bacteria the body needs, to provide an added boost to their immune system, and create enzymes that neutralize many types of poison. While they often wear gas masks to filter toxins, gases, and smoke; their lungs offer some basic filtering abilities as do their eyes which have enhancements connected to their cyber-brains allowing night vision and scan functions.

Some of the Cybergirls have been further augmented by Mastermind using a substance known as Mutagen X241 turning them into Mutates. Lynx has the ability to transform into a wereling cat patterned after her namesake while Wolf was cursed by lycanthropy and Mutagen X241 gives her the ability to control her transformations. Being a Mutate takes a lot of bioenergy leading to them sleeping more and drinking a lot of high-energy drinks loaded with caffeine. Viper is one of the more deadly Cybergirls for this reason as her retractable fangs can produce a powerful venom equivalent to that of a venomous taipan

Another of the girls became known as Devil after demons possessed her and she became permanently possessed by the Sineater that helped her exorcise the other demons. Another discovered she was a direct descendant of the thunder god Perun and took the name Valkiriya when she came into possession of an ancient medallion granting her greater power. In these cases, their powers are not so limited and they might not even need cybernetic enhancements to make battle with their enemies. Because they are supernatural in nature, their cybernetics have become altered as have their powers making them more than mortal in more ways than one.

Beings with such abilities are also called Mutants and Metahumans but are best classified as Daimons in a classic, mythological sense. A Daimon is a being who possesses a recessive gene created by the hybridization of humans with supernatural or extraterrestrial beings. When these genes are awakened by stress or happenstance, that person can gain various supernatural abilities with some achieving powers equivalent to a god or cosmic entity. While rare, this is only because most humans die during the processes that bring about this awakening so they never gain a benefit from them.

Others are cursed because they can't control these powers while others are transformed into beings like werewolves and vampires. Children will often experience some of these abilities on a lesser level such as the ability to see beings in the spirit world or to possess certain psychic and precognitive abilities. This is groomed among the Cybergirls so that some of them possess powers and abilities because the Daimon within them has awakened. The Cybergirl Devil has such abilities and believes she is possessed by a Sineater called Silvia who wishes to redeem herself for the evils of a past she wishes could be undone.
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Song: We Don't Sleep At Night - Cash Cash

Task Force Alpha

Real Name; Genetta Jones
Hair; Red Eyes: Green
Age; 27, Caucasian American/English
aka Grim

Genetta was a daddy's girl named for his favorite pet and raised her in a medical household. Her father was a surgeon and her mother a coroner and part-time mortician, Genetta had no aversion to dead bodies. In fact, she experimented with dead animals out of curiosity leading to CPS becoming involved thinking they had a burgeoning serial killer on their hands. In their care, Genetta was diagnosed with self-inflicted violence disorder because she began to self harm. She became fascinated by darkness and goth becoming resentful, angry, and filled with hatred towards those who took her away from her parents.

Moved to St. Justina, Genetta improvised whatever she could find to live her life the way she wanted. When others would remove her piercings, she would improvise new ones. If they took away her makeup, she would use whatever she could find; and if she couldn't have tattoos, she'd just make her own. The Sister in charge of her beat her only to find that Genetta was a masochist who enjoyed the abuse and purposely did wrong to receive more of it. Her back would be covered in scars for this reason but the scars gradually healed and never became infected just as she herself never seemed to get sick or infirm.

Through her fascination with the dead, she had always known that injured animals seemed to get better in her care. But to her, this was normal and she was different from anyone else until arriving at St. Justina where she learned to hide her gifts. These powers were not limited to animals as Genetta could also heal her fellow classmates which potentially made her a healer and a prime candidate to lure millions into the Cult of Alastores. Genetta would be groomed to become a pawn yet her hatred offered her protection and she instead manipulated them into putting her on that bus hoping to make her escape.

During the accident, Genetta's face was literally torn from her skull and her entire right side was crushed beneath the remains of the bus. Mother would be fascinated by Genetta as her genetic testing revealed that her body was healing itself but it could not regrow what was lost or shattered. Her DNA revealed a super healing phenotype providing the ability to create Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) and Macrophages which are excreted from her skin. Communicating with her allowed Mother to learn that Genetta knew she was a healer and further testing revealed that her hands were the secret of these powers.

Provided access to the internet, she furthered her studies in human anatomy and tried to get the medical education her parents would have provided for her. She knew she was destined to follow in their path and as she sought to learn what had become of them, Genetta learned that they had been murdered two years prior. Their murderer had been captured and she recognized him as someone Mother Magdalena controlled and was "helping" to regain control of his shattered mind. This is when her hatred for the Cult of Alastores manifested and her obsession to see it destroyed began.

Genetta had overseen the design of her new body explaining her goth look and tattoos with the most notable being Death Angel which was emblazoned upon her back. She wanted her identity to be a paradox of her healing abilities and her plated face disengages to reveal her kyrelium-plated skull faceplate. Her entire right side is plated like this because the flesh beneath it was rebuilt with cybernetics and synthetics but it is mostly her living flesh. This means that while she is stronger than the average human, her right side is maybe twice that of a normal human and the rest is from extensive workouts.

Reaper uses a variety of weapons but her favorite is her modified HK's (with suppressors) which she calls Hunter/Killers and that fire large-caliber bullets. Her right arm comes equipped with a razor-sharp blade that flips back into her forearm when not in use and can project razored rotary blades with the force of a rifle blast. While built to kill, Reapers cybernetics are also designed to provide her with tools that serve her as a healer able to scan a victim's body and use her healing powers. Classified as a weapons master, she is an expert with most weapons and oversees most of the weapons used by her teammates.

Real Name; Ainsley Raign, aka Bizhiw
Hair; Black Eyes: Hazel
Age; 28, Native American Ojibwe
aka Kat

Richard Raign was a self-made man of means who became wealthy in the Canadian oil industry who disappeared in the outback of Alberta when his plane went down without a flight plan. Years later, two men hunting elk captured a feral child and turned her over to Canadian authorities. A series of tests were performed that revealed her parentage to be Richard and Shania Raign as Richards pregnant Ojibwe wife was with him when he disappeared. She would be named Bizhiw (Lynx) by a Native psychologist who taught her to speak learning from her that she had been raised by a Canadian lynx .

Richard Raign had no heirs and died without a will leaving his family to fight over his fortune. His sister Caroline successfully petitioned the Canadian courts to grant her custody of the child and named her Ainsley after her grandmother. Ainsley became the sole inheritor of her father's wealth and her Aunt became trustee thinking the money would be hers. But Ainsley proved too violent and a deal was struck to dump her at St. Justina where Mother Magdalena, wife and daughter of Cardinal Syn, ordered Caroline's murder to claim trusteeship for herself.

Sister Rebecca Payne took charge over Ainsley who would attack the muscular woman only to be beaten back, bodyslammed, or punched in the face. Ainsley responded well to this as her adopted mother had treated her much the same and she had many scars to prove it. When she behaved well, Sister Payne treated her like any other child providing rewards like milk chocolate which calmed her bestial side because of the phenylethylamine it contained. Sister Payne was much like the lynx that raised Ainsley showing love with her patience as raising a human child took much longer and far greater effort than a kit.

Ainsley's appearance would be another issue as she possessed traits like an animal. Her eyes would occasionally change to a golden hue with pupils that changed their shape in different lighting and when her baby teeth came out, they were replaced by teeth more like a cats. Labeled a psychopath suffering from a form of clinical lycanthropy , her body was covered with thin vellus hair leading to her being seen as an animal. She even killed and ate small animals but thought of cats more as kin so that she had several of them as companions.

On the day of the bus accident, Ainsley was among the girls because Sister Payne to convince her to go. Dragging her broken body from the crash, she seethed with rage and fought the drones that came for her even as she could barely move. At first thinking the girl suffered from dissociative disorder , Mother soon realized that Ainsley was a Mutate altered at the moment the lynx that saved her tore her from he dead mothers body. Mother could see Ainsley's memories (even those unknown to her) and decided to help her on her journey using Mutagen X241.

When Ainsley emerged from the med pod that held her for over a year, she discovered that her body had been altered in several ways. Both of her arms had been heavily altered by cybernetics covered by second-skin concealing retractable kyrelium claws sharpened to a razor's edge. She also has a primary retractable blade in her forearm that can extend up to ten inches from the palm of her hand that is flattened more like a knife blade. Her legs were slightly larger having taken the distinctive shape of a lynx's hind legs. She now possesses a long, slender body with gymnast-level reflexes covered in tawny to cream to greyish white hair to various thicknesses.

It was explained to her that she was a Therian whose lynx-like attributes were a gift from her adopted mother just as her biological mother had provided her life. While her two-inch tail seems to serve no purpose, it actually links with her spine and ears to provide an almost sixth sense of the unseen in her surroundings. Her hearing is enhanced by the black tufts of hair on her cat-like ears and her sense of smell is more advanced than humans but not exceptionally so. Lynx's vision serves her best in low light or under nocturnal conditions than by day meaning she prefers the night.

Her cybernetics grant her the ability to retract her claws into the intermediate phalanx bone in her hands (and feet) and her the ability to leap up to 36 feet. Her damaged skull was reinforced with kyrelium with a lynx-head emblem that provides an explosive headbutt. While preferring a tooth and "claw" approach to fighting, she will use a .50 caliber like the Desert Eagle and the GM6 Lynx heavy assault sniper rifle (of course). Lynx prefers to do the group recon and to operate alone when she can because she can be extremely violent in nature and if you want to fight, she'll gladly oblige.

Real Name; Lucía Mikaela De León (aka Sylvia )
Hair; Black, Eyes; Brown
Age; 18, Hispanic/American
aka La Diabla (The She-Devil); Diablo Blanco (White Devil)

Lucía Mikaela De León was diagnosed as a pyromaniac because she possessed a love for fire that ultimately resulted in burning down her house and killing her entire family. She had not, however, intended this as watching fire burn had a calming effect on her in a troubled family situation. Sent to St. Justina as punishment for what she had done, she became silent and bitter with the world never forgiving herself. Only her faith in God offered her any relief from the pain of her burns and hid secrets within her that even she was not yet aware of.

Then came the dreams where dark memories seemed to manifest of her birth during an unholy ceremony and a priest holding her up as if threatening God himself. She relived events where her family was still alive and of her stay at St. Justina where those who watched over her spoke of her as the vessel that would bring down Heaven and the Angelic Host. Then she witnessed herself on a school bus and an accident where the pain of being burned again beset her. Her dreams then revealed her trapped within a containment device as little more than red meat with much of her flesh burned away... then, she woke up!

A computer program called DANA revealed itself to Lucia explaining that her body was held in a med pod where it was being repaired while her mind was free within a digital environment. Lucia's confusion and partial memory loss were due the shock of being released from containment to actually see her new body for the first time. Her original features were quite attractive and Sister Grace saw to it that Lucia's second-skin was created to restore this to her. The second-skin could become transparent revealing the horrible scars and exposed muscle beneath it as she had also apparently requested but could not remember.

Beauty was only skin deep and she had become living proof of this having accepted her appearance as part of the punishment she felt she deserved. Her right forearm and hand were completely replaced by cybernetics that projected three kyrelium blades in a trident formation. She also sensed another presence within herself during this time that she called Sylvia, a presence there was no proof existed and resulted in a diagnosis of dissociative identity disorder . She also became more of an outgoing, wisecracking smart-alec with a wicked sense of humor attributed to this.

Originally taking the name Flare, she used two uzi-like weapons that fired dragon's breath so that whatever they struck would not just be hit by a bullet, but they would burn as well. The name Devil would seem natural because of her appearance but she only adopted the name after her second-skin was given the ability to become white. While being of Hispanic lineage, she was actually caucasian like her parents and had been somewhat of an outcast among American Anglos with no understanding of what Hispanic means. Yet, she was also called a White Devil by darker-skinned Hispanics and blacks.

At fifteen, Lucia was on a battle mission against the Cult of Alàstores where she was captured and became host to a group of lesser demons calling themselves Legion ! More powerful through their unity, they became enslaved to Mother Magdalena to fulfill the mission of the Cult of Alàstores to release Lucifer from imprisonment only to discover that he was already free. They found themselves in a place called Kravenwood where dark forces were already set in motion and where Legion would be exorcised from Lucia's body.

Only one demon remained, her personal demon Sylvia who claimed to have been summoned into her at birth to be a catalyst for Legion possessing her body. She had been adopted by a 19th-century noble called The Mad Marquis , a daemon also known as a Sineater and as Spring-heeled Jack after his death. He had passed his curse on to her leading to a life of evil for which she developed a desire to seek atonement. Lucia was born without a fully formed soul and Sylvia had the opportunity by merging with Lucia to give her a more complete soul.

She now had a forked devil's tail, a mouth full of sharp teeth, a long prehensile tongue, horns, her eyes can become like those of a goat which can see within the Spirit World and she can create a whip unleashing Hellfire forcing them to relive the suffering they had caused to others. Her favorite tactic is unleashing phosphorous smoke, she developed a taste for cigars, wears a bowler-type hat, has a cybernetic right arm from which emerges three trident-shaped blades and possesses a fascination for dragons which she had tattooed upon her body.

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Song: Cyberpunk - Max Brhon

Task Force Omega

Real Name; Maria Christina Roca
Hair; Black, Eyes: Brown
Age; 23, Hispanic Mexican/American
aka Frankenstein

Maria Christina Roca was abnormally strong and tall for her age. She would also be cruelly mocked by other children as "Frankenstein" because she suffered from vitiligo as a dark-skinned Hispanic. Maria looked more mature for her age and beat a man to death at just thirteen who wouldn't accept no as an answer. She became a bully in the genuine sense that she backed down from no one including her parents who finally had enough of her behavior. Sent to St. Justina, she would be groomed into an enforcer by Sister Hathaway who oversaw St. Justina's security and unruly students.

Possessing a sense of self-loathing thinking everyone saw themselves as better than her had caused her to become a bully, but she was no coward. But, while she had been a bully, Maria possessed a protective side about her where the ones she bullied most were other bullies. This made her difficult to train for the purposes Sister Hathaway intended and she was ordered on the bus trip to help with security because of the disruptions that were expected along the way. Twice, on the journey, fights erupted involving Maria and it was partly due to the fighting that they became lost leading to the accident.

Maria would be found crushed upon a large blood-soaked rock where extreme care was taken to prevent her internal organs from spilling out when the drones moved her. Still clinging to life, Maria was placed in a horizontal med pod because of the damage to her back. Her internals would be reset, and her shoulders and back would be rebuilt using bio-synthetics and cybernetics projecting out. Bits and pieces salvaged from her shattered back would be used to rebuild her arms and the mechanical elements of her spine would be extended into the beginnings of what would become a thick, non-prehensile tail.

Placed within a verticle containment chamber to complete the process, Sister Grace allowed Reaper to assist her using her healing powers. This resulted in disaster as the quickening of the healing process interacted with the healing chemicals within the med pod causing Maria's skin to become grey and to harden into organic stone. What emerged from containment would be the most powerful of all the Cybergirls as not only does she possess super strength, but the scars on her body that actually glow like fire when she gets angry.

Her left arm would be more extensively rebuilt with cybernetics as they provided most of the salvageable biomaterial from her damaged body to recreate her right arm. Retractable razor-sharp kyrelium claws emerge from the fingers on her left hand while, instead of four fingers, her right hand has two larger fingers tipped with dagger-like spikes similar to the spikes on her arms. It's her right hand that acts more as a weapon either as a hammer to smash with or becoming more like a bladed weapon to slash with. Her legs would be more like those of a dragon with limited abilities to act like a second pair of arms.

In fact, where she saw herself as more of a monstrous Gargoyle , others saw her more as a dragon which led to a compromise where she saw herself as both. At the shoulders, her cybernetics spread out providing "force generators" creating golden wings of pure energy from her back. All of this was achieved because Mother accelerated the bio-synthetic weaving when they could not stop her flesh from hardening to organic stone. While her face was relatively unaffected, she possesses a series of masks that she designed, and that second-skin could be grown over making them look real.

Roca is Spanish for Rock and since her Anglo teammates called her this, she refused a new identity as this was good enough. The left side of her head is more cybernetic leading to her wearing a sidecut style of her own natural hair. Her eyes glow as well when she's angry and her strength vastly increases her ability to lift from five to ten tons. But it is her strength that defines Maria because as she gets angrier, her strength multiplies until allowing her to lift over ten tons. Her tail is more for balance and can be used moreso as a club or as a fifth limb.

Rock is the brawn of the Cybergirls and, in a fight, she's like a living medieval mace because of the spikes and studs both part of her body and the costumes she wears. In battle, her hands are like hammers smashing and ripping, destroying everything in her path often using her prehensile tail like a third arm or a club. Her powerful jaws and talon-like teeth can bite through two inches of solid steel with ease. Her weapons include an oversized whip with three small maceheads attached and she wields an equally oversized modified Pfeifer Zeliska .600 Nitro Express Revolver that shoots seven armor-piercing rounds.

Real Name: Valérie Darcisse
Hair; Black, Eyes: Brown
Age; 25, Biracial African/European Haitian/American
aka Zombie-Girl, L'Angélus (the Angel), Charmeuse de Serpent (The Snake Charmer), Dézafi (cock fighting)

Valérie Darcisse was born in Belladère , Haiti and arrived in the US when her parents immigrated to the country. Because they came here illegally, her parents were eventually deported but her "white" Aunt, Sister Fabiola Saincelert , had legally adopted her at St. Justina. Fabiola was a practitioner of Voodoo-Catholicism and took Valérie as an apprentice teaching her the arts of Vodou leading other students to ridicule her as a "chicken killer" because she helped kitchen staff. The Cult of Alastores even branded her with their mark and she participated in their rites which very few of the girls were allowed to do.

Fabiola called her L'Angélus (The Angel) because she was a very sweet child dealing with the onset of dissociative identity disorder (common among the girls of St. Justina for some reason) where her second personality was more of a trickster capable of doing "bad things". What Valérie didn't know was that her Aunt was dying from complications of old age and that she possessed a second soul , an ancient spirit known as Maman Brigitte . The death Loa was grooming Valérie to replace her Aunt and altering her physically to serve the purpose of housing her spirit.

Sensing what was happening, Fabiola volunteered Valérie for the bus trip as a cook having learned how to exploit the moments when Maman Brigitte was not present within her. Valérie wanted to be on this trip because many of the girls were misfits like her and she wanted to see more of her country than the walls of St. Justina. After the accident, drones found Valérie impaled high in a tree with a broken tree limb piercing her chest that had destroyed her heart and lungs. Placed in a med pod, robots busily got to work restoring life to Valérie's body and discovered symbols on her bones as they rebuilt her chest.

Because she had been discovered within 24 hours of her death, Mastermind possessed the ability to restore her mind and allow her to escape into a digital environment. Valérie contributed to what was happening to her body during the rebuilding process which included a man called Brother Blood who had been contacted to study the African runes on her bones. He identified them as runes from a ten-thousand-year-old cult originating in the region between Egypt and Mesopotamia called Sut lay foundations of worship for the Orisha , the Loa, and Vodun as it spread to West Africa.

On Valérie's breastbone was inscribed the veve of Maman Brigitte which, under Brother Blood's direction, was changed to the protective Loa Marinette . They would also encase her biosynthetic heart in an ornate kyrelium shell that serves as a secondary heart. It would include the veve of Ti Jean Petro upon the shell opening gateways into her body offering various possible supernatural abilities. Brother Blood also invoked the Orisha Oya by placing a gemstone called the Tear of Oya on her forehead granting Valérie some abilities where winds, lightning, and violent storms, death and rebirth are concerned.

What Maman Brigitte had done to her could not be undone but they hoped to provide Valérie with control. When she was released from containment, these powers manifested almost immediately turning her skin translucent green revealing blackened bones and a glowing mass in her chest that resembled a writhing nest of serpents. Light emerged from several places in her body and serpents emerged from her chest coiling around her arms forming into firearms in her hands having altered how her cybernetics were designed to function.

Regaining control over her form, Valérie returned to normal and collapsed from the shock of it all having returned from the dead to an all new form of living. Valérie gained the ability to alter probabilities of luck meaning she often wouldn't have to participate in a physical fight as adversaries couldn't lay a hand on her. Gambling held little appeal to her beyond gaining something she needed, to entertain or to better the lives of others. Valérie could create force barriers for added protection but spellcasting and bone magick in her dealings with the spirit world .

Calling herself Voodoo for obvious reasons, she has the ability to float (often in a sitting position), can see spirits, and physically interact with the spirit world. Becoming a student of Brother Blood; she tried to learn more about the Loa, the Orisha, Vodun, and the Sut explaining why her powers are connected to the realms of death. Her firearms generally fire engraved spirit bullets that have different effects on both supernatural and living entities often doing less damage to the living than to spirits of the dead. Sometimes calling herself Dézafi (cock fighting), Voodoo takes perverse pleasure in identifying herself with a black rooster considering how she was once bullied as a chicken kill.

Attacked by a group called Satan's Seven. Voodoo was captured and returned to Maman Brigitte who ripped open her chest causing the veve upon her breastbone to become that of Maman Brigitte once again. The other Cybergirls would come to her rescue allowing Ti Jean Petro to restore Marinette's veve which allowed her to return to battle Maman Brigitte. When the battle was over, images appeared on Voodoo's body granting her new abilities such as the serpents in her chest wrapping around an opponent like a serpent coiling around a victim (then revealing itself as cable) as well.

Real Name; Natalia Gromýko
Hair; Red, Eyes: Brown
Age; 24, Ukrainian American
aka Shocker; White Lightning, Thundra

Natalia Gromýko was born with the ability to create static electricity so much so that her mother had a heart attack giving birth and her doctor received multiple shocks trying to deliver her. This is how she found herself at St Justina as no one in her family wanted her and authorities were afraid to place her with another family. Her mere presence would cause electronics to go haywire and it took time for her handlers to learn how to approach her without getting seriously injured. They would teach Natalia how to use her powers because she was not the only child at St Justina with "special" abilities.

Given the name White Lightning, she would be trained to become a servant of the Cult of Alastores and a member of Satan's Seven. Natalia, however, was never to be trusted as she envisioned herself as a hero dreaming of ancient times when she was a thunder goddess called Grom , daughter of the supreme Slavic god Perun . Such was viewed as a child's fantasy based on her learning the meaning of her last name and easily dismissed. To escape the plans being made for her, Natalia took the place of another student on a bus trip she had no intention of returning from... unfortunately, she would get her wish!

When the accident happened, her injuries caused a massive discharge of electricity from her body that ignited the bus's fuel tank causing the explosion. When the drones found her, it was as if they were fighting a mindless beast missing her right arm and half her upper right body torn away. Although she would eventually collapse from the blood loss, she took out several drones before this happened. Only then did her mind seem to return to her as she realized the magnitude of what she saw surrounding her with her one remaining eye and was horrified as she passed into unconsciousness.

Recognizing the need to isolate her because the power readings were off the charts, Mastermind set up a special chamber to siphon away the energy. Mother would discover that Natalia possessed the God-gene making her an Ultrahuman and finding an axehead-shaped birthmark on her lower neck, began researching the possible god she might be descended from. Witnessing Natalia's dreaming mind at work in the digital world, Mother shifted her research to the god Perun believing that these could be actual memories from a prior life.

When she was released from containment, she was surprised to discover the extent of her cybernetics. From the right side of her face to her entire right arm were replaced including her right eye while her right leg below the knee and left leg up to the top of her thigh had been rebuilt to make them stronger. Her bone structure was reinforced by kyrelium sheathing which actually magnified her powers to create electricity for which she was given the name Shocker. Feeling the need to earn the name, she adopted a revealing fetish-style costume straight out of the 80s heavy metal scene with matching face paint.

During a mission to Serbia, she was drawn to a specific location where she stole a backhoe to dig a pit where she discovered monolithic stones around what was obviously a burial site. Within them, she found a skeletal form lying on the ground with a spear piercing its chest. Picking up the stone axehead she found beside the body, the stone began to collapse around her seemingly crushing Natalia beneath them. The excavator was soon found and authorities called because of the ruins only to have the ground beneath them begin to tremble.

Natalia then burst from the ground with a mighty explosion ax in hand and dressed in the fallen woman's clothing. Returning to their lair in Europe as part of Task Force Omega, Natalia reported to Matrix who saw Natalia as a genuine thunder goddess and renamed her Thundra. Her ax was made of stone but returning to KRONOS allowed it to be coated in kyrelium with all of its symbols transferred to the metallic surface. She had work done to her legs allowing her to channel her newfound powers through them into the ground causing a supersonic thunderclap or unleashing lightning into the earth.

Parts of her costume had to be redesigned because the clothing the goddess had worn left her practically naked beyond the wolfskin and various adornments. Her cybernetics were literally recreated as if a living part of her and her blood turned a golden color like that of all gods. Eventually taking the name Lightning, Natalia has her own metal band called Bisytysia (To Go Mad) which she provides the electricity for the band's instruments. Lightning is muscular, fast and a powerhouse often using her battle ax Burya (Tempest) but wields a custom made handgun called Thunderbolt which leaves lightning tracers following the bullets to their target.
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Song: No Save Point - Yankee and the Brave

Task Force Delta

Doll (Real Name; Regina Price, Hair Black, Age; 25, Australian/American) was born with a rare brain condition that slowed her growth so that by age ten she looked five years old. She was brought to St Justina because her parents were poor and could not afford the growing expenses leaving her overnight for scheduled exams until one day they never showed up again. Their fate would not be known for years but they would eventually be discovered in their car at the bottom of a river having run off a bridge and drowned.

With no one claiming Regina, Sister Hathaway adopted her because she had always wanted a daughter and intended to keep Regina as an eternal child. Always dressing her as a young girl from the early twentieth century might be dressed, Sister Hathaway spoiled Regina because she actually came from a wealthy family. When Regina reached puberty, she actually did experience a slight growth spurt reaching her full height of four feet; nine inches. She was on the trip with her fellow classmates when the accident happened that literally tore her in half and crushed her right arm.

Mastermind would be intrigued by her because he had never encountered a person who had her particular growth issues. After all, she was actually fifteen and looked only ten at best and underdeveloped for her age. When she emerged from containment, Regina would find that her body had been rebuilt leaving her midsection and arm scarred but complete. Her cybernetics would be minimal but required reinforcing her spine and a bypass so that her mind could again control her lower body. The same would be done for her right forearm and hand which required more endoskeletal reinforcement and a retractable stiletto blade.

She wore a second skin that could alter her racial features and slightly alter her appearance to disguise herself. This was also necessary to conceal her scars as they upset her and, as with most of the other Cybergirls, to aid in healing injuries to their surviving organics. More than anything, she liked the led displays that can be seen through her second skin and her computer interface called "Sal" (Sally). Given the codename Baby Doll, Regina would use her child-like beauty with dresses and bows to take advantage of sexual predators believing strongly in "spay and neuter" practices.

She played the part of a young girl who wielded ridiculously large guns for her size but actually preferred living like a child to the pressures of adulthood. While this would be seen as infantilism due to her love for dolls, there was a darker side that began to emerge wearing latex and broken doll masks. These masks would be designed to be creepy and she would use her second skin to make it appear as if her face were disfigured beneath it. While she would still use handguns and rifles that seemed too big for such a frail-looking girl, she developed a passion for throwing knives always playing and practicing with them.

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Task Force Gamma

Ghost (Real Name; Kimyko Osaka aka Yūrei , Hair; Black, Age; 23, Asian American/Japanese) was placed in St. Justina to hide her from Yakuza assassins killing her family members. She was a playful, good-natured child always reveling in pranks, making jokes and playing games like hide-and-go-seek at which she excelled. When her parents were killed, no one knew where Kimyko was and had assumed that she had been killed as well but that her body had yet to be found. Yet, when her parents were slain, Kimyko knew because she said they had come to her and told her what had happened.

It was in dealing with the trauma of what she was claiming that Kimyko was diagnosed with catatonic schizophrenia resulting in her going mute. She was sent on the bus trip in hopes that a change of scenery might do her a world of good because it wasn't understood that it was the medications she was on that made her this way. After the accident, Kimyko was found in a crumpled mass of metal with only her head, part of her torso, and left arm surviving undamaged leaving her clinically dead. Placing her in life-restoring chemicals would bring her back clean of the med's Mother removed from her system.

Kimyko was to discover up to 80% of her body had been replaced by cybernetics that were designed to take advantage of her unique gifts. Through their visors, Ghost can enable the other Cybergirls to see what she sees to better understand the spirit world surrounding them. Her primary abilities are her ability to become invisible and incorporeal which is where she got her identity. Invisibility, however, isn't perfect as it's more that she becomes like transparent glass that is still capable of reflecting light and cast shadows. As for becoming incorporeal, she can't touch anything physically but she can move wispfully like the wind.

When becoming invisible, she can do so in very dramatic fashion from the outside in. The process is actually more a holographic illusion but it creates the image of a skeleton and all her internal organs even where replaced by cybernetics. Ghost cant make others invisible or intangible to the touch as these powers don't extend beyond her own body. Her primary weapon is a staff (called Bo) which she practices religiously to gain and improve skills of Bōjutsu (stick fighting) but which can break in half to be used as nunchucks and which can project blades from the ends.

Weapons like her Bo and her specially modified Beretta U22 Neos Spirit Gun) can be made incorporeal because they've been imbued with the same tech as her cybernetics. When she becomes intangible, she possesses a spirit stone taken from a villain called Scourge that allows her to use her weapons against beings from the spirit world and to make them visible to the living as holographic projections. Mastermind would conceal the gemstone within her adamantine body structure and placed a faux white one on her forehead granting her this ability.

Even for all of this, Kimyko is not a killer by nature using her powers of stealth killing or maiming only when left no other choice. While her ability to reveal the spirit world to the living is not in and of itself a weapon, it can disorient her opponents or instill them with fear. This power, however, only works at night and runs certain risks as while it allows the living to see the dead, it can also enable the dead to see the living. Ghost generally wears a costume that covers her cybernetics and while she seems to be among the most powerful of the Cybergirls, many of her powers are illusionary.

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Javelin (Real Name; Émilie LaForge, Hair; Brown, Age 25, Caucasian French/American/Cajun) is an athlete who had her entire life ahead of her when a home invasion gone wrong resulted in her being shot in the back of the head and thrown from the third-story railing of her home. Although near death, she would survive with a bullet in her brain and a shattered right arm that had to be amputated. After this, she would be diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder where her sense of physical touch no longer functioned properly although most of her other senses worked correctly.

Placed in a body cast, it would be a year before she would finally go home suffering from seizures, covered with scars, and enduring several disabilities. Émilie could still feel her missing arm because she was experiencing phantom sensations and dealing with psychological disorders because of everything she had been put through. Losing control over their daughter, her parents discovered that she responded well to religion and this would lead to them placing her in St Justina hoping religion might provide the miracles they were searching for.

After the accident, Émilie awoke to find herself floating in a bio-chamber with a voice inside her head trying to calm her and help her adjust to what was happening. Her head was encased within what seemed to be a computer that responded to her thoughts providing information and entertainment. When she was released, she was to discover that half of her body had been replaced by cybernetics including her missing right arm. Spending her first day adjusting to what had been revealed to her, Émilie recovered quickly and was amazed to bear witness to the other girls in their various states of preservation.

Émilie would also find that the bullet in her brain had been removed and that the damage once done had been undone. The only remaining issue is that she experienced some limited memory loss which was nothing new for her as the same had happened when she was shot in the head. She adjusted quickly because a portfolio of her past had been provided to her after the surgery on her brain and while some memories were lost, she regained missing knowledge about her past. Her sense of touch via a thin layer of artificial skin allows her to feel even with her artificial limbs... an ability she can shut off if the need arises.

Years of phantom sensations where her right arm had been allowed a greater ability to use her artificial arm. Mother had sensed this while Émilie's body was being rebuilt and part of the reconstruction of her body would include giving her a special arm specifically designed for throwing. Her artificial right eye would be designed to give her great accuracy and she called herself Fireball because she could create fiery metal balls of fire which she could hurl with tremendous force. This ability would later be changed to the more lethal javelins she became better known for and she changed her name accordingly/

Javelin wears a backpack-like device on her back which provides up to 60 collapsible javelins for throwing that materializes in her hand by thought alone. She can, however, transform any inorganic material that she touches into a javelin removed from her hand which can be thrown should she run out of her favorite weapon. This ability is limited, however, and she often uses her javelins as a quarterstaff or spear rather than throwing to preserve her weapons. She can sometimes use her javelins like a harpoon by causing barbs to project from the sharp end and a long unbreakable metal wire to pull on.

A more powerful suit called Javelin Systems One was created for her that provides mini-missiles and can also provide her with a much more powerful rocket launcher mounted on her right shoulder. Most of the right side of her body is cybernetic and covered in flesh-colored kyrelium plating. Her left hand and forearm are not fully replaced as the cybernetics are integrated and she wears a glove over it for added protection. The strength of the right side of her body is tenfold that of a normal human and the metal costume that sheaths her body in combat may allow bruising or broken bones but it's rarely penetrated.

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