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The Great Beast: Surt the Pitch Black was created by Armorbeast

Art By - Sam Burley

The Pitch Black

Surt the Pitch Black's origins lay on the ancient world of N'vāṇa where he became an Ascended being. Then known as Bǫl'verkr , he would be drawn away from his homeworld seeking a world in a nearby star system called Múspell where he began transforming a barren planet into something more familiar to him. Corrupted by his powers, he began to see in himself a god over his creation rather than as its architect. Yearning for greater power, Bǫl'verkr discovered a gravely injured Elder God called Ørlǫg who embodied the element of primordial fire and even for his injuries, Bǫl'verkr was no match for him.

Parasitically infesting the Elder God, Bǫl'verkr formed a symbiotic relationship with Ørlǫg until ceasing to exist as separate entities. Calling himself Surt, he shed the more disagreeable parts of himself into the planet impregnating Múspell's "Mother Goddess" who would be splayed out and forced to give birth to the first of the Mund-spilli (world-destroyers). These were beings so powerful that during the War of Angels , his planet's star was forced to go supernova to cast Múspell into the Netherverse to defeat them. This was a tactic the Angelic Host used to defeat those of the Fallen who were too powerful to be slain.

Múspell floated freely above the firmament of Hell surrounded by the nebula of its destroyed sun appearing, for all intents and purposes, like an enormous evil eye. Surt first encountered another of the Fallen calling herself Sinmara the Eternal Nightmare. She revealed to Surt the existence of a great sword shattered and spread across the Netherverse by a demon lord who did not want it used against him. Within this sword existed countless souls from the Destroyed Universe whose power Surt sought to wield in his efforts to reverse the processes that had cast Múspell into Hell.

Together, they located every piece and reforged the sword Hel brandr (Hell Sword) which then yielded its powers to Surt. Becoming a powerful warlord selling his services to the highest bidder, Surt gave sanctuary and the luxury of new flesh to those who humbled themselves before him. Comprising devils, divinities, and lesser beings creating the first "Sons of Múspell" to serve as his pantheon. While trying not to overreach himself against the greater powers of Hell, Surt silently built an army from the pitiful wretches whose souls became prisoners within the Abyss.

Surt possessed no desire to rule where he would always be subject to the whims of others more powerful than he himself but Sinmara enjoyed her position as Queen of Nightmares. Tiring of her constant interfering, Surt devoured Sinmara in a rage and brought Múspell forth from the Abyss unfettered by her defiance... only to learn he had exchanged one prison for another one. Múspell emerged into a subdimension surrounding a world familiar to him as the place of his birth and yet, it was not as he remembered.

Known as the Abode of Gods , this subdimension was known to him as a place where beings of great power had been exiled who had not ascended but evolved in different ways. Surt became an enemy of the Gods of Ásgarðr and entered a constant state of war against Élivágar whose ruler Aurgelmir (who roars like water) was an ancient enemy to Ørlǫg. But it was Miðgarðr that held his attention as it was a nexus world and the germ from which all existence had originated. Miðgarðr was the name given to this world by the Ásgarðians but it had been known by other names just as its current inhabitants called it Maakera .

To Surt, it had been known as N'vāṇa but that was now billions of years ago as his escape from the Netherworld had not been without consequences. He had traversed reality and dimension to emerge in this place where time does not function in the same way as it does elsewhere in the universe. Surt could only think that there was some divine hand at work in this and that he was, in fact, where he possibly should have been from the beginning. It was sometime during this period that Surt created a series of metal plates fashioned like shields upon his chest.

The purpose of these shields seemed to be for added protection and to increase his powers but they were somehow linked to Helbrandr. Like an indigestible bit of bone causing him distress, Sinmara would force Surt to vomit her back up. Astonished to find her yet living with only the outer layers of flesh burned away, she would bow before him unafraid as she sensed his anger with her had passed. Surt sought to atone by granting her new flesh and greater powers as he yet respected her counsel. Sinmara would never defy her "husband" again and would bear for him many powerful children known as the Eldjǫtnar (Fire Giants).

The most powerful of these were Eimnir (Reeking of Blood), Eldr (Mountains Fire), Brand ingi (Ancestral Fire), Hálogi (High Flame), Eldrûna (Fire Magic), Alsvartr (All Black) and his namesake Surtr . These mixed their blood with the Sons of Múspell and the Mund-spilli producing the Røkkr who were born specifically to make war with the Gods. From this warring emerged a prophecy called Ragnarøkkr became known that he would be the harbinger of destruction for fabled Ásgarðr . Bringing a taste of Hell back with him, Surt made it seem as if Satan himself were among the gods and his followers seemed like an army of demons..

The god Freyr was particularly threatened as Ragnarøkkr foretold his death at Surt's hands and, to prevent this, Freyr's sister/wife Freyja began the Æsir–Vanir War hoping to transfer this fate to another. Meanwhile, Surt was to find himself at war with the offspring of Aurgelmir who raged against the gods to avenge their father's death at the hands of the warrior god Óðinn and his brothers Vili and Vé . They recognized in Surt the scent of their fathers ancient enemy Ørlǫg igniting the Múspell- Nifleheimr War! Ruling them was the conjoined god Ýmir the Screamer , most monstrous of all his siblings and devoted to destroying Surt as his father would have been.

Music - Pieces of Eden
Song - Satans Arrival

When the Æsir–Vanir War ended, the Ásgarðians turned their attention to Surt and Ýmir banishing them into the Ginnuŋɡɑ ɡɑp (the universe). As the denizens of Maakera looked in horror to the night skies above, debris from the heavens rained down upon them bringing with it the first of the Elementals. Then their moons erupted with fire and reflected light beginning their slow descent until crashing into the planet causing its destruction. The screams of its Mother Goddess Akka (aka Maaemä ) would not go unnoticed by the gods who wrongly assumed Surt and Ýmir had been destroyed with Miðgarðr.

But the memory of Maakera survived to become reborn as a new world within the Abode of Gods baffling the Ásgarðians who discovered it. They named this world Steinn heimr because it was a world of lifeless stone to which they would banish Elemental threats. Surt would awaken to find himself surrounded by darkness filling him with rage and igniting the hellfire in his veins forcing the darkness to release him. Undetected by the gods who thought him destroyed when the moon Fiūr crashed into Maakera, Surt manifested as an enormous volcano and summoned Sinmara to serve as his avatar.

Then came the Primordial God Götterdämmerung , father to Ørlǫg and Aurgelmir, a being of pure chaos once destroyed by the other Primordial Gods to save existence from his rage. Before he was again destroyed, the godly realms would be reborn as one enormous world called Goð heimr and Jörmungandr was placed in orbit surrounding Steinnheimr to keep Surt and Ýmir bound within it. Sinmara had escaped this world returning to Múspells location in Goðheimr where she sought Helbrandr and the power to release Surt who had been so heavily injured that he no longer possessed the power to free himself.

Lesser beings would continue their wars until the Dark One arrived to begin the Awakening only to find it had already begun without him. Both Surt and Ýmir would be released by the Dark Ones' efforts to complete what had already begun. Initially, the two ancient enemies worked together against the Dark One until Surt made himself vulnerable and Ýmir tore through him to strike their enemy down. Exploding from within like a supervolcano, Surt threw the remaining combatants apart from one another and disappeared as smoke and ash.

Sinmaras return with Helbrandr provided Surt with the power to reconstitute his physical form where he wasted little time attacking the Dark One and severing his arm. He then repaid Ýmir by splitting him in half thus ending their eternal feud and turning his attention back to the Dark One who had not yet recovered from his devastating injury. It was then that a godling, Surt saw as nothing more than a "flea", entered the battle focusing all of his attacks on Helbrandr. It was clear that he could see the points where Helbrandr had been reforged and was striking it with power far beyond what a mere god should have possessed.

When Helbrandr was shattered by Arnbjørn , Surt would be struck down by the renewed energies of the Dark One causing his body to erupt once more into ash but capturing his soul within a massive dark crystal. Sinmara would eventually acquire this stone which sits behind her throne as Queen of the South where she rules over the lands of Silubrą . She now seeks out the metal plates Surt wore around his neck which held the power to recreate his body when united. These plates are spread across the planet and in secret places but are often disguised with the most common disguise being a shield.
Real Name: Surt The Pitch Black
Public Identity: Surt

Date of Birth: Unknown // Place of Birth: N'vāṇa
Legal Status: None
Occupation: Destroyer of Worlds
Marital Status: Married to Sinmara
Citizenship Status: Hrimbrunne

Race / Ethnicity: Primordial Fire Elemental // Gender: Male,
Hair: Soot Black // Eyes: Fire Orange // Height: 300ft 10in // Body Type: Muscular

Group Affiliation: Elder Gods
Classification: Elder God // Supernatural Classification: Primordial Fire Elemental
Known Relatives: Parents: Unknown
Children ~

Known Aliases: Bǫl'verkr, Ørlǫg
Known Superhuman Powers: Strength Level: Class 10, Endurance: Class 10,
Shapeshifting: Level 3, Sorcery: Level 3, Elemental: Level 10

Other Abilities: Capable of generating intense levels of heat, to superheat inorganic stone to molten lava which he can then control

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