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The World of Crimson Reign

Alternate Names: Kēmet -Ta ; Valahia
Original Name: Seb Éaŋa
Imperial House: Imperial House of Reigning Blood
Lord Magistrate: Vlad Țepeș ( Drăcula )
Great Beast: Ápophis
Mother Goddess: Amunet (aka Ehaema / Gereh mut   

SebÉaŋa was a world of contrasts ruled by demigods sired by the Ogdóade . Beneath its surface, The Blood God Éshr̥ Déiwo lay impaled upon a golden rune-covered stake. There, his presence corrupted the essence of the Mother Goddess Ehaema (Twilight Mother) transforming this world with skies darkened by vulcanism and unrelenting cold. Besieged by Éshr̥ agslā (Bloodwings), humanity would be forced into an age of superscience for survival that included geothermal energies and domed cities. Éshr̥agslā were bat-like, draconian creatures who fed directly from Éshr̥ Déiwo and then spread his curse across all SebÉaŋa.

A powerful demigod called Ām'Ḥeḥ (the "devourer of millions" or "eater of eternity") became one of these accursed and sought to free Éshr̥ Déiwo by yoking the primordial serpent Ápophis to his bidding. Ām'Ḥeḥ would instead destroy his world learning too late that no one could harness the power of primordial chaos and destruction! At a given point in time, the essence of what had been SebÉaŋa would be reborn within the Worlds of Shadow awaiting the Dark One to begin the Awakening.

Before the Dark One lay a world much like a mortally wounded beast waking to the horror of finding itself ripped open and writhing in agony unwilling, or unable, to die. Before the Dark One, there emerged a world where rivers of blood flowed forth into inland seas and where raging blood-red skies unleashed torrential rains of scarlet to replenish the lands below. This was a world tearing itself apart because Ehaema had been driven mad by her painful resurrection and the Dark One soon found himself at war with the planet in his attempts to heal this, as yet, unnamed world.

Seeing his efforts as an assault upon her, Ehaema unleashed the Great Beast Ápophis upon the Dark One driving him past the point of exhaustion. As Ápophis coiled around him crushing the life from his body, the Dark One suddenly found himself enveloped by light that exploded around him causing Ápophis to set him free. With Ápophis now drawn towards the arrival of his ancient enemy Atum , the Dark One plunged his fist into the planet causing Ehaema to become split asunder resulting in Maut and Gereh mut to diverge from her as opposing influences.

Atum and the Dark One became merged commanding the powers of darkness and light against Ápophis forcing him to retreat. Coiling around the helpless Éshr̥ Déiwo and sinking his teeth deep into his neck to restore his own energies, the Impaled God would be encased within indestructible adamantine glass inscribed with spells of imprisonment by the god Djehuty not noticing the shed skin Ápophis left behind him. Only then would the union of darkness and light be broken with Atum returning to Netjeru n Per- Wer (aka Great House of the Gods; Góð heimr ) and the Dark One moving on unable to finish his work.

This is a world where the war between darkness and light plays out more as a conflict between night and day. It is from connections to Ancient Egypt that this world was first called Kemet (the black land) as travelers from Egypt mistakenly believed this was their original homeland. There are several habital zones, with the three largest being the southern Bloodlands of Deshret , the central arborial region of Ta-Meret and the northern desert lands of Hedjet ... others include Tărâmor , Amaranthea , Khenmet , Erythràs and Skálmē .

The name Ṣakkāra originates with Sokar , a demi-god and son of Ptaħ who became the Lord Magistrate beginning a long, prosperous, and plentiful reign uniting most of Ṣakkāra within his grasp.
Ihe arrival of Sutekh the Destroyer would mark a turning point as none with so much power had ever crossed over from Earth. Sutekh slew Sokar to assume his place ruling over the Imperial House of Neheh - Weh (Eternal Night) from his infamous Black Pyramid Kemet -Mer .

Ptaħ saved Sokar from death by merging with him and then recreating him as God of the Dead & Undead to rule Ammahet (aka Imhet ). Sokar became ruler over the Infinites (Ogdóade) welcoming gods from other pantheons who had been cursed by vampirism and taking the goddess Wadjet to be his queen Sokaret. As one of the Infinites, the resurrected god Am'Ḥeḥ brought about an apocalyptic war allied with Set against the god Amun . Sacrificing himself. Amun merged with the god Ra becoming Amun-Ra to defeat this alliance of evil.

Amun's queen Amunet saw this sacrifice as a betrayal because they had been born as husband and wife, he representing the "Day Sun" and she the "Night Sun" (or Moon). Amunet had been gravely injured in the war and came to Ṣakkāra seeking Maut to heal her but finding Gerehmut who desired an exchange. The two became merged using the shed skin of Ápophis unleashing his evil as High Priestess to the Great Beast as a more powerful incarnation of the Queen of Darkness.

The "Treia Mare Epocă" (Third Great Age) begins with the arrival of the warlord Vlad Țepeș , a descendant of the god of war Ares through his son Thrax . The mother of Thrax was the Nymph Thraxis who had assumed human form and crossed over into the World of Men thousands of years in the distant past. Vlad was the grandson of Mircea I and Musatei cel Rău (Margareta the Evil, Mother Darque, Thraxis) who created the prophecy that one from her bloodline would become Lord of Vampires and gain rule over the world... only, she hadn't specified which one!
The oldest of the vampire races on Ṣakkāra were resurrected from souls of the dead entrapped with the destruction of SebÉaŋa. They were a tall pale-skinned race called the Senef kekewey (Darkest Blood; aka Ām-senef or Devourer of Blood) cursed by vampirism which was as much a corruption of the soul as it was the body. They are the most like the bat-like Éshr̥agslā of all the vampire races and turn to organic stone for protection in sunlight, a trait they passed on to sub-species like the Gargouille .

Senefkekewey dwell in Deshret which is a region unchanged from the time of the Awakening where blood flows like water and the skies are always crimson red. Its skies turn the Sun and the Moon into vermillion eyes looking down upon the lands where the only difference between night and day would be shades of deepest red. Vampires rule these lands representing almost every known variation that has ever existed upon the World of Men in all its incarnations... including some that are wholly unique to Ṣakkāra.

After stealing the Blood Gods powers and becoming Lord Magistrate, it is here that Vlad Țepeș would establish the Imperial House of Reigning Blood ruling it through the Order of the Dragon and the Thrāikes . Deshret is also home to the Éshr̥ Wer̥mis (Bloodworms), smaller versions of the northern Olgoi-khorkhoi (Deathworms) only a fraction of the size of their northern cousins and as red as the blood upon which they feed. Hedjet is a scarred and relatively desolate land of perpetual sunlight being what, to most, would seem an endless sea of sand.

Further north would be found the majestic "City of the Sun" Hēlioúpolis (aka Āwanu ~ "The House of Ra") where a people called the Ḥenemmet (Children of the Sun) rule and from which came the best vampire slayers in all of Ṣakkāra. They call their sun Aton and the moon Hedj Aton (Silver Aton; aka Iah ; Khons ) which also serve to give it the name Ta u Pessesh en Gerrehh Re u (Lands of the Midnight Suns). When their moon rises high in the sky at night, it's as if they have two suns turning night into unbearably hot days while true night for them is when only the Sun itself shines alone.

Deshret was rich in precious metals and Hedjet was rich in valuable gemstones... Ta-Meret was rich with life and grew wealthy from trade. The central heartland of Ṣakkāra, Ta-Meret built canals bringing water to the north and undesirables to the south. Tradesmen from Ta-Meret also grew wealthy exchanging valuable gemstones from Hedjet and precious metals from Deshret making many peoples of Ta-Meret fabulously wealthy. Unlike the rest of Ṣakkāra, Ta-Meret is a region peopled by non-Egyptian cultures from southeastern Europe in the World of Men.

Ta-Meret is broken up into smaller regions called Țară Muntenia (Greater Wallachia Land), Kárpátia and Țara Râurilor all of which are Romanian in name. They would call this world Valahia (which later became their name for Ta-Meret) which is where Vlad Țepeș originates along with his army of Thrāikes. Ta-Meret is a region of temperate hardwood/rainforests, rivers, wetlands and animals largely originating from the Paleocene and Eocene epochs in Earths history.
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